About Us


"Lethal Legacy's mission is to create an assortment of lifestyle clothing for EVERYONE! No matter your style we strive to provide an outfit for each and every person no matter the occasion. We place confidence in making you feel comfortable and stylish in your new outfit. By doing this Lethal Legacy will proudly donate a portion of proceeds of mens clothing proceeds to local retired veterans in the atlanta community, as well as a portion of woman's proceeds to be donated to our local breast cancer awareness charity all year long.



Lethal Legacy was founded in 2019 with a idea of making stylish and comfortable fits for a variety of people. This idea was generated from a 21 year old from Buford, GA out of the office of his house. Doc knew there was plenty of competition in clothing in today's world, But he wanted two things from official launching Lethal Legacy in 2020. First things first Doc wanted for his customers to feel great about what they are wearing and he did not want to stop there he wanted to give back to local charity organizations from each purchase, to show thanks to his loyal customers and thanks to the organizations he will be giving back to. At the end of the day Doc wanted to create a world wide Legacy that he hopes can reach millions of happy customers.